50 Cent Acquires Private Jet for Luxurious Breakfasts and Breathtaking Sightseeing

Famous for his music, 50 Cent also promotes his brutal honesty and love to flaunt his wealth online, as is the case now. Curtis James Jackson III enjoys a meal on the board as he takes his third flight this week. The rapper keeps his figure, telling his followers he’ll go to the gym when he lands.

His recent plane photos showed him eating (once while reading the paper) and standing on the steps before boarding. Technology and luxury lover Fifty owns a private jet.

After Floyd Mayweather got his in 2016, 50 Cent couldn’t let his fans think he didn’t have one. In an Instagram video, he told the former boxer, “You aint the only one with a private jet.” The video shows him customizing his N424SK plane with Effen ‘s .

The plane has eight seats and beige leather seats. From recent photos, 50 Cent appears to have preferred a different type for daily flying. The music mogul posted several photos from the cockpit of a Cessna 510 aircraft in recent days as he traveled again. The seven-passenger jet has cream-colored leather seats.

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