A story aboυt the resilieпce of a dog whose whole body was bυrпed aпd his faith iп people

An unfortunate incident recently took place in Tennessee, where it is unclear how many individuals were responsible for setting a dog on fire. Though the canine is currently in stable condition, she still has a lengthy road to recovery ahead of her.

Some individuals go to extreme lengths when it comes to animal abuse. Meet Riona, a brave dog that has had to endure unimaginable pain after being set on fire, causing over 60% of her body to be burned. Her supporters are now rallying together to seek justice for her, with many offering contributions and toys to show their support. Despite all she has been through, Riona remains a fighter and an inspiration to many.

Just as there are cruel individuals who mistreat animals, there are also kind-hearted people who take on the responsibility to care for them and provide them with a comfortable life. This particular pup was fortunate enough to encounter some guardian angels from a foundation who went above and beyond to ensure that she not only survived, but was also showered with love and affection.

People are seeking justice for Riona, a dog that suffered severe burns after being set on fire in Memphis, Tennessee. News Channel 3 reported that on June 20, an individual poured gasoline on Riona and lit her on fire.

Luckily, those who witnessed the situation acted swiftly and created Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, a charitable organization focused on helping animals in need. The organization stepped in to assist the distressed dog, who was heard howling in agony. Upon examination by experts, it was revealed that over 60% of the dog’s body had been severely burned, leading to the removal of dead skin and the start of a skin graft procedure.

The tale quickly gained popularity nationwide and even caught the attention of individuals in other countries who rallied behind the dog. The support was so widespread that Paris Hilton, a renowned celebrity, shared the story to raise awareness and offer assistance.
“We were simply chatting about how it would be great if a thousand people could see the post and spread the word about the dog’s situation. However, within just eight to ten hours, hundreds of thousands of people had already viewed it,” commented the source.

Taking care of this dog requires regular treatments and replacing bandages. Additionally, there is a search for those accountable for animal abuse, and a substantial reward is being offered to hold them responsible and raise awareness that this conduct is unacceptable. The hope is that anyone with information will come forward. McLemore emphasized the significant amount of money offered as an incentive.

This furry friend still has a ways to go on her journey, and she could use plenty of care and affection. If you’re interested in pitching in, reach out to Tails of Hope Dog Rescue on Facebook for all the details.


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