Ancient ‘Alien’ Fossils Exhibited in Mexico’s Congress Alongside UFO Expert Testimony

In a ground-breaking event at the Mexican Congress, renowned UFO investigator Jaimé Maussan, along with a team of scientists, made a stunning revelation by presenting two purported ancient alien corpses. These enigmatic remains, enclosed in glass cases and allegedly recovered from Cusco, Peru, were showcased as a pivotal moment in human history.

The extraordinary claim accompanying these specimens suggested a 30% unknown genetic composition, distinguishing them from any known terrestrial evolution. Mexican media reported that carbon dating conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) indicated these beings to be over 1,000 years old, featuring three-fingered hands, no teeth, and stereoscopic vision.

However, this unprecedented exhibit didn’t escape skepticism. Despite the supposed scientific scrutiny, anomalies arose as the specimens appeared coated with what seemed like sand, an unusual feature for fossils subjected to comprehensive analysis.

Maussan, who has faced controversies over debunked alien theories previously, asserted that these beings were not a part of conventional human evolution. He emphasized that they were initially discovered in diatom mines and later fossilized, rejecting any connection to a UFO wreckage.

Yet, the congress presentation raised concerns among experts. The bodies exhibited humanoid traits but also distinctive characteristics such as retractable necks and elongated skulls, reminiscent of avian features. These anomalies, combined with their reported lack of teeth and remarkably light bones, intensified the mystery surrounding their origins.

The disclosure didn’t conclude with genetic peculiarities. Alleged X-rays displayed by experts indicated one of the beings carrying embryos and possessing implants made of rare metals like cadmium and osmium. This revelation added another layer of intrigue, questioning the very nature of these ancient remains.

Amid the dramatic reveal, international figures like Abraham Avi Loeb from the Harvard Astronomy Department advocated for further international scientific investigation, calling on the Mexican government to allow comprehensive research on these specimens.

This event comes at a time of heightened interest in unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) globally. Notably, retired US Navy director Ryan Graves and other officials testified on UAP sightings, emphasizing the necessity for acknowledging and studying these phenomena for national security.

While this unveiling at the Mexican Congress has triggered excitement among conspiracy theorists, it has also sparked widespread skepticism. The debate continues, urging further scientific inquiry to unravel the mysteries behind these ancient ‘alien’ remains and their potential implications for rewriting human history.

In the wake of this revelation, questions linger regarding the true nature of these enigmatic beings and their significance in the context of our understanding of life beyond Earth. The call for transparency and deeper investigation into these findings resonates as the world grapples with the possibility of a presence beyond our terrestrial understanding.


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