Astonishment and Terror: Girl’s Horror as She Discovers a One-Eared, Two-Mouthed Dog

Odditycentral reports that Toad, a peculiar 5-year-old dog, resided in an animal shelter in Oklahoma City two years ago, but has been missing ever since.VIDEO:On February 18, locals discovered Toad and brought it back to their residence. The staff here recognized it right away but were surprised to see the difference in Toad’s right ear.

A Tale of a Peculiar Pup: The One-Eared, Two-Mouthed Wonder (Video) -

Toad has only one ear and two mouths. They examined and found that a second mouth sprouted from the ear with fully developed teeth and saliva oozing from it. However, it does not function like a normal mouth because it has no jaws to open or close. And Toad can still hear the sound from that ear.

A Tale of a Peculiar Pup: The One-Eared, Two-Mouthed Wonder (Video) -

Heather Hernandez, head of the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Association, adopted the dog. “I was shocked when I first saw it. It looked like a strange creature from a sci-fi movie,” Hermandez said.

After checking, the vet said that some of the teeth in the ear were causing discomfort and they had to pull them out. “At first we thought it had two teeth, but then a few weeks later we found out there were more. A couple of teeth in the ear that were causing discomfort cracked were extracted but the teeth on the side of the ear were extracted. must have an association with the skull, which cannot be removed naturally”.

A Tale of a Peculiar Pup: The One-Eared, Two-Mouthed Wonder (Video) -


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