Compassionate Family Embraces Golden Retriever Despite Mental Health Challenges

Among life’s challenges, there’s a touching story about an adorable puppy named Bailey who has faced difficulties from a tumultuous past and finds solace in the loving embrace of her owner every night as she drifts into sweet slumber.


Rescued animals often come with sad stories, and Bailey is no exception. However, amidst the challenges of adaptation, there’s something that brings comfort to her.

Bailey’s owner carries her to bed every night, and that makes her incredibly happy.

Nobody knows the hardships a street animal endures. That’s why, when dogs or cats arrive at shelters, they often undergo an adaptation process to help them cope with their traumas. But sometimes, the healing journey is slow.

That’s why it’s important for adopters to understand the responsibility involved. Fortunately, Mac Clenney, Bailey’s human, understands this well.

Bailey is a sweet puppy, but somewhat fearful.

As night falls, a new challenge arises for Bailey, who seems to fear solitude or the silence of the night. Sleep becomes a daunting task for her, but her owner found a way to make her feel secure.

During a cozy movie night, Mac noticed Bailey falling asleep deeply after he wrapped her in blankets like a Mexican burrito.

It seemed that the furry bundle felt safer that way, and thus began a new nightly routine in their home.

“Every time we cuddled up with blankets on the couch, Bailey felt much more comfortable and calm when she was wrapped up or covered with a blanket,” Clenney shared.

Now, the puppy has formed a deep bond with the man and refuses to sleep unless he carries her to bed and wraps her up just the way she likes it.

Clenney believes it provides the same calming sensation as swaddling a baby, although there’s no scientific justification yet. But this simple act has brought immense comfort to Bailey, marking a significant improvement from her initial fearful state.

Bailey joined the Clenney family in 2020, capturing their hearts at the Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue shelter. Initially one of the shyest dogs, Bailey’s transformation surprised Clenney and his family.

Though Bailey’s adaptation journey hasn’t been easy, her newfound comfort at night is a testament to the healing power of love.

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