Dennis Schröder’s Tranquil Retreat: A Peek into the Luxurious Suburban Villa Post ‘World Champs’ Triumph

Dennis Schröder lives peacefully with his family in a lavish mansion in the suburbs

Admire the luxury villa in the suburbs of Dennis Schröder

In November of last year, German basketball superstar Dennis Schröder, known for his time with the Atlanta Hawks and Oklahoma Thunder, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Recently, it has been revealed that the 27-year-old athlete and his wife, Ellen Ziolo, have рurchɑsеd a stunning San Fernando Valley mansion for $4.3 miℓℓiо𝚗, as they establish their roots in Southern California.

Located in Tarzana, the contemporary estate boasts a seductive design and is hidden behind imposing black walls and gates. Constructed in 2017, the house offers an open floorplan where the dining, living, and family rooms seamlessly flow into one another.

A double-sided black marble fireplace serves as a striking centerpiece, while the chef’s kitchen, described as “spectacular” in the listing, features a massive SubZero refrigerator, custom cabinetry, and imported stonework.

Two sets of Fleetwood doors lead to an outdoor loggia complete with its own fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen/BBQ area.

The main house comprises six ensuite bedrooms, including an upstairs master retreat with dual private balconies, dual dressing rooms, and a resort-style bathroom adorned with exotic wood and stone finishes.

Additional impressive amenities include a home theater that accommodates 10 viewers, an office space, and a glass-walled wine cellar tucked beneath the elegant curved staircase. Notably, a sprawling rooftop deck offers panoramic views of the flat San Fernando Valley, complete with a BBQ and spotlights for evening enjoyment.

However, the main house is just the beginning of this extraordinary property. The .35-acre lot features a large swimming pool/spa combination and an expansive L-shaped lawn.

Beyond that, there is a two-story guesthouse with an ensuite bedroom, a second kitchen, and space for a gym. Perhaps most exciting for Schröder is the concrete basketball court located at the far rear of the property, providing a secluded space for him to sharpen his professional skills.

Kobi Costa of Compass represented the property’s listing, while Michael Henderson, also from Compass, represented Schröder in the рurchɑsе.

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