Effortlessly Chic: Selena Gomez Slips into a Form-Fitting LBD for Some Well-Deserved Relaxation

Selena Gomez, who is known for her youthful appearance and association with Disney, displayed a different side of herself during a night out in West Hollywood. The singer and actress looked stylish and seductive as she headed to The Nice Guy bar in a form-fitting mini dress. Despite her innocent reputation, Gomez showed that she’s not afraid to embrace her sexier side.

Sexy siren: Selena Gomez, 23, left her sweet and innocent side at home when she stepped out in West Hollywood on Friday night

Selena Gomez, the 23-year-old singer of Come & Get It fame, shed her innocent image on Friday night in West Hollywood. The sultry pop star flaunted her enviable curves in a one-shouldered slinky dress that revealed plenty of leg. Black patent stilettos completed the outfit, making her already-toned legs look even longer. With her raven locks styled in soft waves and tucked behind one ear, Selena made her way to the bar while being trailed by photographers.

Pure and simple: The pretty singer and actress looked chic and sexy as she headed out for drinks at The Nice Guy bar in a tight-fitting mini dress

In a nutshell: The attractive artist and performer appeared stylish and alluring upon her arrival for beverages at The Nice Guy establishment, sporting a snug mini-gown.

In need of a night out! The Come & Get It singer showed off her killer curves in the slinky one-shouldered number which cut several inches above the knee

Feeling the urge for a fun evening away from home! The singer of “Come & Get It” flaunted her stunning figure in a sleek, one-shouldered dress that revealed several inches of her legs above the knee.

To complete her simplistic appearance, she added glittery eye makeup and a natural-looking lip, while trying to balance herself in high heels. Selena recently enjoyed a glamorous evening out, but before that, she was seen filming for the movie “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” in Atlanta, Georgia. During filming, she looked gorgeous in a pink gradient bandage dress, fitting the comedic setting perfectly.

Curves in all the right places: Selena put her enviable figure on display in a pink ombré bandage dress as she filmed Neighbors 2 in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday

Selena flaunted her stunning physique in a stunning pink ombré bandage dress while filming for Neighbors 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. The strapless neckline of the mini dress accentuated her already impressive cleavage. She paired the dress with bright pink strappy stilettos, adding five inches to her petite frame and highlighting her toned legs. Selena completed her look with pretty floral-printed ankle socks and loose curls in her raven-colored hair.

Legs for days: Selena's trim pins looked slender in the strapless mini dress which skimmed her bottom

Selena’s long and lean legs were on full display in her strapless mini dress that gracefully hugged her derriere.

Protecting her modesty: Selena, 23, placed a protective hand over her chest in an attempt to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

Selena, who is 23 years old, instinctively covered her chest to prevent a possible wardrobe malfunction, indicating her concern for maintaining her modesty.

No such thing as a bad angle: The pint-sized pop princess looked incredible as she flaunted her slender figure in the form-fitting frock

No such thing as a bad angle: The pint-sized pop princess looked incredible as she flaunted her slender figure in the form-fitting frock

When it comes to taking pictures, there’s no such thing as a bad angle for this petite and talented pop star. She recently showed off her stunning physique in a tight-fitting dress, looking absolutely amazing.

Check out those calves: The talented actress slipped on a pair of pink strappy stilettos which worked wonders for lengthening her petite frame and highlighting her toned calf muscles

Take a look at those toned calves: The gifted performer donned a stylish pair of pink strapped stilettos, which not only accentuated her petite height but also showcased her well-defined calf muscles.

Pretty in pink: Selena's character's brightly-coloured outfit perfectly complemented her pale skin tone

Selena looked absolutely stunning in her character’s pink ensemble. The vivid shades of pink did wonders for her fair complexion, making her skin look even more radiant.

On the movie set of Seth Rogan’s latest film, Selena has made a recent appearance, but it’s not the first time she’s been seen there. Alongside Zac Efron and Chloë Grace Moretz, Selena was spotted wearing the same outfit as a group of young female actresses on Wednesday. It is still unclear what role Selena will play in the movie, as the production studio has not disclosed any details yet. Earlier in the week, Selena wore a bodycon dress with natural makeup, keeping to a color theme with pink eyeshadow and lipstick.

Secret role: Although she's been spotted on the set twice this week, the former Disney's role in the upcoming comedy has not yet been specified

Mysterious part: Despite being sighted twice on the filming location this week, the ex-Disney actress’ character in the new comedic flick has yet to be revealed.

Pretty lady: Selena showed off her slimline figure on the Atlanta, Georgia, set of n Wednesday

Selena flaunted her slender physique while filming her upcoming movie in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday. The beautiful actress looked stunning as she displayed her toned body on set.

Bottoms up: The brunette beauty showed off her pert posterior in the bodycon number

The attractive brunette flaunted her well-toned derriere in a tight-fitting bodycon dress and even struck a seductive pose while sitting on the hood of a vibrant red Volkswagen Beetle during a photoshoot. Selena Gomez had a busy week that also included attending the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 in Los Angeles with her gal pal, Taylor Swift. The talented 25-year-old singer won numerous ‘Moonman’ trophies, including the prestigious Video Of The Year award. Throughout the telecast, the close friends were spotted dancing together and enjoying each other’s company.

Sultry side: The Come & Get It singer pulled a seductive pose on the hood of a red Volkswagon Beetle while filming

In a steamy move, the songstress known for Come & Get It struck a sultry stance on the hood of a vibrant red Volkswagen Beetle during a filming session.

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