Embrace Similarity: Transforming Birthmarks to Match Your Child’s, Celebrating Similarity

Enzo Cstari turns one this year and was born with a dark birthmark that covers most of his forehead and extends to the side of his nose. However, the baby’s mother, Carolina Giraldelli, 26, from Cáeres, Brazil, swore she would never have to hide the birthmark, just to make sure her son would be perfect. ""Societal"“I confess that it was a very exhausting and difficult time for me and my son when I always felt the eyes of society looking at me and whispering things to me that I myself knew were not good, not good at all! Looks of pity, contempt, fear and sometimes disgust are always directed at us! ""Brazilian"Giraldelli said. “Although this is not easy to accept, my husband and I have decided to act normal and act normally, despite our words. We just want to give strength to our son, so that he can always believe in himself and move forward.”""When"

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