Incredible Discovery: Chance Find Unveils 530-Year-Old Treasure Trove of Golden Jewels in Captivating Tomb

Recoпstrυctioп of the Celtic tomb in the museum. Photo author


Recovered from the tomb of a Celtic prince in Hochdorf, Germany. Photo author The well-preserved funerary objects provided deep insight into the world of the Celtic rulers. He had been buried with a gold-plated torc around his neck, amber jewelry, a gold-plated dagger made of bronze and iron, a bracelet on his right arm, an edge trimmer, a comb, fishing hooks, a flat sword in the shape of cup. A hat made of birch bark adorned with circular motifs and perforated decorations, arrows, a razor and, above all, those embossed gold plates were on his shoes dissipated by the flow.


Tomb of the Hochdorf chieftain, golden shoe decorations. Photo author


Daga con lámina de oro. Autor de la foto

The entrance to the plinth was to the south, and the plinth was surrounded by an oak stop and posts. The east side of the tomb contained a four-wheeled cart, made of wood and sheet iron, which held a set of bronze dishes, along with dripping horns hanging from the walls that could serve people who smoked. The mouth reserved for the host was delicately decorated with gold, and the tip was adorned with beads made of bopes.


El horno de goteo más grande y más preciado de la colección. Autor de la foto


Celtic kliпai, foυпd iп Hochdorf, Württemberg State Museum. Photo author

The golden preparation for the afterlife, the 14-inch bronze dagger and the iron dagger, with a blade protected by a richly decorated sheath, had been carried by the prince of life.


The gold plating made for the burial consisted of 16 pieces, all fitted precisely onto the dagger without any creases. At his feet was a large bronze vessel filled with mead.



This lion is a Celtic replacement for the missing Greek one. Photo author

The tomb is in the shape of a huge tumulus, which was about 20 feet (6 m) high and 197 yards (60 m) in diameter when it was built. It had shrunk to about 3 feet (1 m) in height and was barely discernible due to centuries of erosion and agricultural use. After examination of the tomb, the funerary cast was rebuilt in 1985 to its original height.


Recoпstrυctioп of the funeral car, loaded with merchandise. Photo author Read another story from us: The Strettweg Cult Chariot: A 7th-Century Bronze Sculpture Found in a Precious Tomb in Austria A museum dedicated to the tomb was built nearby, in whose construction the foundations of an attractive Celtic village were found, probably the one to which the chief belonged. The findings of this discovery were incorporated into the museum.

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