It’s crυel that this Dog was tied to aп old tire iп the raiп while he was hυпgry aпd asked for water

These are the images that the rescue crew has released! They have been instructed to report at this address. A little street packed with rubbish! This little puppy was tethered there.

“There are no words to adequately explain how I felt at that time! The puppy is quite cute. His feces indicate that he has been confined here for days!”

He is finally safe once the chain was removed. They took him to the clinic Vet because of his terrible condition.

Poor condition of the armor! The physicians had to draw blood in order to examine the statistics and illnesses. They quickly rehydrated him and helped him build up his resistance because he had little remaining energy. Extreme weakness, fungus, and scabies all attack and weaken Armor.

Armor has received favorable signs after 7 days! The skin condition was under control following a wash and medicine!

Armor is happier and more friendly than he was in the past! But, nobody is positive that he has forgotten the past. Yet, Armor still need veterinarian care!

Fortunately, he was then able to feed himself! He is eating to make up for the days in which he was almost starved to death.

This is a photograph of Armor after being rescued for more than a month!

Surprisingly, Armor was adopted after his information was released by the rescue team. Armor after two months in the new home! Now that the young man is an adult,

A retrospective on Armor’s voyage! I wish him happiness and pleasure!


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