Left Alone in the Desert with a Massive Tumor: Defying Harsh Elements and Isolation, Enduring Unbearable Pain While Awaiting an Inevitable Fate

This dog was shared online by several rescue organizations. The woman who saw him simply took a photo and shared it on Facebook.

The dog’s breed is amstaff. He cannot move and can only stand. We have no idea what happened to him. Maybe he was shot earlier because he was in a community in the woods

He is so charming that his tail never stops wagging. Its ears were cropped, suggesting it had an owner who cut them off and simply left it like that.

His name was Alfonso. We can tell from the x-rays that it is a tumor. His leg is horribly disfigured, he stinks and he is in much agony.

More tests and blood work will be done at the vet, as well as a chest x-ray and CT scan to see if there are metastases. They will probably have to amputate his leg.

He’s always wagging his tail and kissing people. He has a healthy appetite, which is a positive indicator.

He took a chest x-ray and found out there are no mets! He is hooked up to an IV and his leg will be amputated. The blood test reveals that he is anemic, but his leg needs to be amputated immediately and we cannot wait another day.

His front leg was amputated after a grueling hour-long surgery, a 6kg tumor was removed and he survived. Alphonzo left the clinic four days later and is feeling very well. He is a warrior and he will do very well! He is anemic, but we will correct it with vitamins and good nutrition. He is in Merima’s private foster home and she is also a veterinary nurse.

He survived rigorous surgery and will live a normal, happy life! Hoping that one day he will find a home with someone who loves him as much as they do.

After a month, Alphonzo is doing very well, his wound is healing well and there are no problems. He is a sweetheart, he likes people, children and dogs, and he has no aversion to cats!

He’s about a year old and once the free spay and neuter program resumes,

I hope someone falls in love with this child and finds him a home. He is very grateful for your help, as are Meri and Franjo, who are taking excellent care of him!

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