Messi cuddles his beloved dog as the Barcelona star relaxes at home, making everyone jealous

The image of Lionel Messi cuddling his pet dog Hulk on social networks has made fans melt and feel jealous.

Messi is known to be an exemplary father and a devoted husband, but he is also an avid dog lover. The French mastiff named Hulk is a close companion of Messi and his family.

Messi's dog Hulk: how much does the Dogue de Bordeaux cost? | Marca

Recently, Messi shared a photo on Instagram showing him cuddling with Hulk while relaxing at home. The photo shows Messi smiling brightly, his face radiating happiness when being with his pet dog.

The photo quickly attracted the attention of fans with more than 10 million likes and thousands of comments. Many people expressed their love for the dog Hulk and praised Messi as a great owner.

“Messi and Hulk are so adorable!”, one fan commented.

“I wish I could cuddle Hulk like Messi,” another wrote.

Không có gì bằng một cái ôm tuyệt vời trong Ngày lễ tình nhân!

“Messi is a great father, husband and friend,” another fan expressed.

The photo of Messi and Hulk is a reminder that even the most famous football stars have simple and heartwarming moments in life.

Here are some reasons why the photo of Messi and Hulk makes everyone jealous:

Messi is a globally famous soccer star: Many fans dream of meeting and interacting with Messi, and the fact that he spends time cuddling with his pet dog makes them feel jealous.

Con trai Thiago của Messi đến vui vẻ cùng gia đình
Hulk is a lovely dog: Hulk is a large, healthy French bulldog with an extremely adorable appearance. Many dog lovers dream of owning a dog like Hulk.
Messi and Hulk have a close relationship: The photo shows that Messi and Hulk have an extremely close relationship. Messi caressed Hulk affectionately and Hulk also seemed very comfortable being next to his owner.
The photo of Messi and Hulk is a reminder that the bond between humans and animals is extremely special. It also shows that even the most famous stars have simple and heartwarming moments in life.


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