Mike Tyson’s three marriages: The story of three missed boats in his life

Mike Tyson has the greatest boxing career in history. But it’s hard to believe that the man who can punch anyone with just a swing of his left hand was once given the “horns” by movie superstar Brad Pitt.
The ungrateful Robin Givens

Mike Tyson was married three times, of which his first wife Robin Givens was the worst, causing “Steel Myke” the most pain. While at the peak of his career, the great American boxer plunged into a quick and flawed marriage with a “miner”.
At that time – 1988, Mike Tyson had everything in his hands. He is famous for his career which is at its peak of glory. Money and fame surround the boxer born in 1966. He has a series of 35 consecutive wins with an aggressive, attacking style of play filled with dedication. Then the 36th, 37th, and 38th victories came to Mike as if they were inevitable.

Flashy and wealthy, Tyson became the subject of “chicken breeding”. Robin Givens came to Mike, then quickly announced that she was carrying the blood of the boxing champion.

Even though he is a sassy guy, Tyson still lives responsibly. He married Givens after 11 months of dating. And in that first time as a husband, this boxer tried to do the best he could. Tyson bought a villa worth $4 million in 1988 for his newlywed wife and mother-in-law to live in.

Finally, extremely generously, Mike Tyson also gave his first wife an account in a New York bank worth 7 million USD. This number is enough to ensure that Robin Givens lives a luxurious life. Therefore, she immediately turned around.
Just a short time after living together, Robin said she had a miscarriage and filed for divorce. When the divorce process had not yet begun, “Steel Mike” was angry and caught his wife red-handed sleeping with movie actor Brad Pitt.

“Mike, please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me” – those were the pleading words of the Hollywood superstar. In response, Mike gave Pitt a look of contempt. “You had to see his face at that moment. Pitt seems to have received his requiem mass. And also very similar to a drugged person,” Tyson said.

“Steel Mike” Saviors
Also because of the heavy impact from his marriage to Robin Givens, Mike Tyson became depressed. Boxing was not enough motivation to help him forget the pain from the first time he failed. On February 11, 1990, the first time Tyson fought after the divorce, he lost in shock to Buster Douglas, ending a 37-match winning streak.

There are bad people and there are good people. In 1990, Mike’s heart was warmed again after dates with doctor Monica Turner. Even when Tyson was sent to prison for raping 18-year-old girl Desiree Washington, female doctor Monica still did not abandon her lover. She visits Mike regularly, helping him forget the nightmare of reality.

After 7 years of fighting and loving, Mike Tyson “moved on”. The second time he got married, Tyson was much more mature and well-groomed. His boxing career flourished again, at the age of 30, he won 8 consecutive matches.

But life is unpredictable, the beautiful memories of yesterday will become the pain of today. The second time Mike Tyson was “cuckolded”. Even though Monica gave birth to “Steel Mike” two children, Rayna and Amir, she still searched for strange things. The second time Tyson left his wife, for the same plaintive reason!

Just like last time, Mike Tyson declined and suffered two consecutive defeats against the same opponent – Evander Holyfield. The matches in 1996 and 1997 with Holyfield officially turned “Steel Mike” into a man out of time.

Like a bird afraid of a bent branch, it was not until 2009 that Mike Tyson had the courage to marry his third wife – Lakiha Spicer. This girl nicknamed “Kiki” has a bad past just like Tyson. “Kiki” served 6 months in prison for defrauding £60,000 from her father’s company. Spicer became pregnant with Tyson while in prison and helped him quit smoking when he was released.

For his part, Mike Tyson admitted that at the age of 56, he realized the value of family and was completely loyal to Kiki. In the end, those bad people found each other’s value, and their marriage has lasted since 2009 until now.

The tragedy of being in a wheelchair at the age of 56

Once the strongest man on the planet, Mike Tyson in his twilight years was extremely tragic. Recently, it was discovered that the former boxer known as “Iron Mike” was in a wheelchair.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Mike Tyson said sciatica caused him to have his current condition. “Sometimes I get sciatica. When the pain came, I couldn’t even talk. Luckily, that’s the only health problem I have,” Mike Tyson assured fans.

A fulfilling married life

“My children think my husband and I are crazy and stupid. The fact that Kiki (Lakiha Spicer’s current wife) fed me made the children hot-eyed. The children told their mother to let him eat by himself. He’s a grown man. But of course, we don’t care.”

Even though he was once a brash boxer, a hot-tempered and thorny man, Mike Tyson always gave his third wife considerate gestures. Fans are happy for “Steel Mike”, as his marriage since 2009 is still filled with happiness.

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