Retro Vibes Unleashed: DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, and Fat Joe Team Up for Tommy Hilfiger’s 1990s-inspired Collection

DJ Khaled had to tell his renowned buddies, Travis Scott and Fat Joe, about his new project with Tommy Hilfiger because he was so pleased about it.

Nine distinct polo shirts from Khaled’s new golf-themed Tommy x We The Best line draw inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger’s 1990s looks, which were popularized in Hip Hop by musicians such as Grand Puba, Snoop Dogg, and Aaliyah.

DJ Khaled and Tommy Hilfiger launch golf shirt collab to support 'We The  Best' charity | Golf Equipment: Clubs, Balls, Bags | Golf Digest

An advertisement for the collection is suitably accompanied with Puba’s lyric on Mary J. Blige’s 1992 hit song “What’s the 411?”, which praises Hilfiger and boasts about how “[D]oin’ lovely in all sports/ Even swing the pole at the hole on my golf course.”

Khaled delivered items from the collection to some of his colleagues, including as Scott, Joe, Ludacris, and Latto, in order to promote the brand.

Joe made the following observation while unfolding the shirts, indicating that he had not yet seen the ad above: “We gotta get Grand Puba to do the soundtrack or something.”

DJ Khaled Credits Golf For Helping Him Lose Over 20 Pounds

Ludacris appeared really excited by the retro-inspired patterns.

“You motherfucker! He added, “Bro, this is some College Park, Banneker High School shit,” alluding to his 1995 graduation from the Fulton County institution.

Rap Hub on X: "Travis Scott & DJ Khaled cooking up"  / X

Below, you can see Khaled handing Travis and Latto their new clothing.

All proceeds from the collection, according to DJ Khaled’s Instagram post, will benefit his We The Best Foundation, which offers music programs, scholarships, and other services to underprivileged kids in the Miami area.

Tommy Hilfiger has been involved in several Hip Hop-related projects recently besides his collaboration with Khaled.

During New York Fashion Week in September of last year, Quavo and GloRilla were seen wearing the brand-new jackets from Tommy Hilfiger and Avirex.

DJ KHALED on X: " ALERT  FATHER OF ASAHD 2019! My11th STUDIO ALBUM  @wethebestmusic ITS COMING  @travisscott x Khaled" / XLOS ANGELES JUN 27: Fat Joe, DJ Khaled At The BET Awards, 45% OFF

The two looked great in the coats during a dinner that Hilfiger and SZA were hosting, according to footage that an eyewitness took. In honor of Aaliyah, Glo also wore more Tommy gear beneath the jacket, which makes sense considering that earlier in the year, the legendary brand hired her to work on a project.

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