The father dog was bliпd aпd abaпdoпed wheп he was пo loпger υsefυl iп the pυppy mill aпd lυckily a passerby adopted him

Benki was abandoned in Lara, Venezuelaon 05 Nov. He was blind and missing the right rear leg.

Benki also revealed signs of sexual assault, which is common among male dogs from a “puppy farm or puppy factory.” Meaning mother and father dogs should be abandoned when they are no longer “productive”

In Benki’s case, they might have blinded him to prevent him from running back, before something struck him and severed his right rear leg.

Thankfully, the X-ray reveals no significant internal damage, but Benki suffered considerable mental trauma, which is cause for grave worry.

Once sighted, he rapidly became disoriented and cried so loudly that the veterinarian sought to comfort him by conversing with him often.

The good news is that he is a highly intelligent dog.

His mood was greatly improved after a week at the shelter. With around 10 days of instruction, he can discern the speaking direction.

He is now a fully normal dog. Benki acquired significant weight due to a lack of exercise. Yet, his foster parent is now attempting to make him feel “safe.” Urge him to use the shelter’s stairs and shower him with unending affection.

He is still in the process of locating a new permanent love home for him.


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