The pot-bellied pig was raised happily with 5 dogs aпd became the closest of frieпds, sυrprisiпg everyoпe.

Meet Chowder, a Vietnamese potbellied pig of 6 years old who questions the adage that a dog is a man’s best friend. Shelby Madere, Chowder’s human roommate, and a surprising assortment of animal friends live together in the same Southern California house. Five rescue dogs with the names Rika, Slick, Nya, James, and Bashe make up his gang of friends and are collectively known as @piggypoo_and_crew. Chowder demonstrates that he can be just as lovable and affectionate as his furry relatives, despite the fact that dogs are typically prized as pets.

Vietnamese potbellied pigs, who are renowned for their sociability and intelligence, like the comfort of a good cuddle and thrive on human interaction. Shelby frequently shares cute pictures of the gang on Instagram and sees a reflection of herself in the variety of animals she has as companions. She is aware that her love and commitment are essential to their wellbeing in terms of happiness, safety, health, and all other aspects. Chowder accepts his uniqueness and cheerfully plays with his canine friends in the yard. He even wears matching collars that are made to fit his particular size.

Together, Chowder, Shelby, and their group of improbable animal companions have an uncommonly strong kinship.


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