Tour Cassper Nyovest’s Million-Dollar Mansion Featuring a Modern Basketball Court in Honor of Kobe Bryant

In a recent off-market transaction, hedge investor Jeffrey Feinberg paid $44 mιllιon for a large 54,885 square foot estate, surpassing the property’s initial asking price of $43 mιllιon.

The residence is set on a private, 1.2-acre land in Brentwood with views of the nearby Getty Museum, making it a very prestigious position. On the property, there is a guest house for guests and a driveway that goes to the basement.

The interior of te mansion is unusually open, with large glass walls typical of modern Californian construction. The dining room and great room both have 26-foot ceilings and a 1,000-gallon, double-sided aquarium that provides views of the kitchen. At the bottom of the stairs, there is a cactus garden and a living wall made of plants and succulents, continuing the use of more natural materials.

Over the open-concept kitchen, there is a second, more private chef’s kitchen with its own entrance from the outside for large gatherings. It even features a walk-in refrigerator that appears to have been taken from a busy restaurant.

All of the living and eating areas on the first floor have glass walls and face out into the front lawn, which has an infinity pool and a sitting area. The outdoor kitchen, which contains a pizza oven, BBQ, and LED TV, allows you to prepare meals outside.

The majority of the high-end amenities are housed below, beginning with the screening room, commonly known as the Rolls-Royce Theater. The small lights in the ceiling, according to Nosrati, are based on the fiber-optic ones in a Rolls-Royce, thus the nɑme.

The “legends” half-basketball court is outside; it was designed in Kobe Bryant’s honor and prominently displays the purple and gold of his Lakers uniform as well as his jersey number, 24. Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and other well-known athletes are also included on the borders. Athletes can observe the entire city while shooting hoops since it is on a floating platform.

The house features three decks, not just one. One is for relaxing, and the other is a three-hole putting green, thus there are two on the second level. The final area is a roof deck that has a garden with six marijuana plants in it. Nosrati declares, “I think this is going to be the future.” “You see lots of wine cellars and different things in the home—this is where you grow your own cannabis.”

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